Zenstra Bio-Health Lemello®
Zenstra Bio-Health Lemello®
Zenstra Bio-Health Lemello®
Zenstra Bio-Health Lemello®
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Lemello supports calmness, relaxation and restful sleep.* The all-natural Lemello formula, based on peer-reviewed research, contains mulungu from the Amazon rainforest, combined with magnolia, melissa (lemon balm), and oleamide.

Mulungu bark is used by indigenous Amazonian tribes to maintain calmness and to promote sleep.

At lower doses, Lemello can help with maintaining composure under stress, socializing at ease, or relaxing after a long day.* For daytime use, we recommend taking 1-2 capsules throughout the day.

At higher doses, Lemello can help to promote restful sleep.* For night-time use, we recommend taking two capsules about 30 minutes before bed.

Lemello can help to support sleep onset latency, sleep quality and sleep duration.* A good night's sleep is underrated. Slow-wave sleep (SWS), which primarily occurs early in the night, is integral for motor skill learning, memory formation and cell regeneration. Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep occurs throughout the night, at the end of each ultradian cycle of 90 minutes. As the night goes on, REM cycles tend to increase in duration. During REM sleep, we become totally paralyzed, apart from our eyes which dart around in various directions. During REM sleep, norepinephrine is absent. The absence of this "fight or flight" neurotransmitter means that we can process memories without experiencing any unpleasant emotional associations. In that regard, REM sleep is almost like therapy. After 'sleeping it off,' a painful memory won't carry the same visceral connection as it did at the time of learning. Therefore, while deep sleep is important for rejuvenation, getting adequate REM sleep is equally important for feeling emotionally restored. Some supplements can improve sleep latency and duration, but at the expense of REM sleep. Each ingredient in Lemello was carefully selected based on research suggesting that it either supports more SWS and REM sleep or does not inhibit SWS and REM sleep.*

Lemello is vegan-friendly, GMO-free and all-natural. All Zenstra products are manufactured in the EU, in an organic certified EU SI-EKO-001 facility. The Lemello formula consists of a natural blend of lemon balm, mulungu bark, magnolia bark, oleamide and valerian root.

Lemello contains concentrated extracts, allowing us to fit larger quantities in each capsule. Within one single capsule, the amount of lemon balm is equivalent to 750mg of standard dried lemon balm. The mulungu is equivalent to 2,000mg of standard bark and the magnolia is equivalent to almost 4,400mg of standard bark (containing 87.5mg of honokiol). Each capsule also contains 75mg of oleamide, extracted from the fruits of ziziphus jujuba.

As with all Zenstra products, the Supplement Facts panel quotes the serving size in terms of one single capsule.

Further details on the Lemello formula can be found on our scientific research page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 306 reviews
Emma Ridley
Delivery probs!!!

Love this product but my last order from 6th June has not been delivered. Items are out of stock and cannot get spares either from amazion. What has happened????

Paul Nason
Brilliant product but big delivery issues

Great product and good company to deal with. I have been having big problems with delivery. I ordered Invictimune about 6 weeks ago and this Lemello order 21 days ago but neither have arrived. I believe it might be a local post issue, there seems to be something up with the supply issue.
I am giving 5 star review as I love products and company but delivery issues need to be resolved,

Iva Sindik


Taking the edge off.

When things get tricky these really help take the edge off things and make life not seem quite so serious. Don’t have any expectations of feeling anything or getting a mellow hit, I didn’t get those, but just an erosion of serious things. They’ve helped with sleep too, but I usually have them in the day and then don’t tend to need them in the evening.

Marie Irwin
Great product

Love this product, but there seems to be a problem getting my latest order delivered to me, l got an email today saying my parcel was undeliverable and returned to sender

Elsie Ledger
Best night sleep

5* product that helps me calm within an hour and provides me with the best nights sleep whenever I am stressed. Cannot recommend these enough if you struggle with anxiety or stress.

Paul Nason


Michael Whelehan

5 🌟

Excellent stuff

Lemellow helps me to relax during the day and to sleep better during the night. I still wake up occasionally, but it takes much less time to fall asleep again. It leaves me fresh and rested to start my day, very happy!

Steven Dalglish
Deeper sleep

Excellent product. Noticed deeper sleep and reduced heart rate while sleeping after taking 2 Lemello before bed.