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Late Delivery

Dear Karen and Saran, I would love to give you feedback but I have not received your shipment.

Amazing product!

Amazing product

This has massively helped me when I’ve struggled sleeping, I take 2 before bedtime and I can’t recommend them enough.

Lemon-Aid 714 capsules - 500mg x10 (sample pack)

Can’t review it until it arrives and I try it!😄

Excellent product!!

Having suffered anxiety badly for years and being on and off medication which can cause dependence and/or side affects I really didn't have much hope of a natural product helping, not only did this help with the anxiety it helped me through a job interview and to gain employment as my fear and anxiety has held me back for years!! Please help yourself by trying and trusting this product as you won't regret it!

The Zest product out there!

These have helped me through some difficult times anxiety wise. Also work great for restful sleep. Highly recommend it. Almost as good as Prozac!

I love this product, I used it last week as I was starting a new job, i took 2 before bed for 5 nights, i slept like a baby, once my body clock was back in sync i saved the others incase I need them in future, i recommend.

I bought some few weeks back. Certainly would recommend them. I found them good

Been on these5 days.take 1 for day 2at night for sleep.much calmer for anxiety and so much better sleep. Works great for me

It’s an incredible product. I’ve suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for years and I’ve tried so many different tablets from the but they had no effect this is the only thing that actually works. I can’t recommend it enough.. Truly today I felt normal for the first time.. Tank you so much..cant wait to try zen1..🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Lemon-Aid 714 capsules - 500mg x90

Lemon-Aid 714 capsules - 500mg x90

It’s an amazing product. I’ve suffered with anxiety for years and I’ve tried so many different tablets from the doctors but they had no effect but this is the only thing that actually works. I can’t recommend it enough 😀👍

Skid Pan

Last Saturday my son and I went for a skid pan experience. I’m normally prone to intense anxiety every time I’m in a car. I took 2 Lemon-Aid first thing, then another 2 about an hour before the experience. The first couple of minutes were scary, but then the fear went and I was able to really enjoy the skidding. In a word “exhilarating”

Amazing product! Am just curious if these are safe to take with venflaxine? worked great with sertraline so am hoping so.....

I cant actually believe how good these are!! The Lemon Aid capsules do work!! I was dubious myself when I read all the comments praising them but I decided to order them and I am so glad I did, they work absolute wonders!! 💕😊

Sleep is not a problem with me but anxiety is/was until I found this. Its excellent. I now only take it if I feel i am going to have a stressful day. Before this I could spend days fighting anxiety or staying in bed. Great product and I have recommended it to friends. ITS GREAT.i have even told my GP about it and she says she will look into it for other patients.

A little overdue but here goes my feedback. I don't use them for anxiety as such, but as an antidote to overthinking interrupting my ability to sleep. If I take two at least a couple of hours before sleep I drift off peacefully, and find it easy to get back to sleep if I need to get up in the night. I sleep deeply and predominantly peacefully but wake up clear-headed and focussed which is a significant bonus as I often leave home early in the morning to travel for business. I will be submitting my third order soon, and see them now as a major contributor to my well-being at a very reasonable cost.

These tablets are fab cannot believe how well they work just ordered my second lot x and my word have I tried so many other available products from the internet that haven’t worked ...amazed ❤️

Love them

Amazing product. Fantastic for sleep

Thank you for my speedy delivery of my lemon aid also the zenergise. I can not praise you and your products enough. Must admit had a few slight problems at first but was soon sorted with the excellent customer services. Can not fault you at all now. Ps. I'm not one for writing reviews unless I think the company and products are well worth it. Thanx Zenstra. 👌👍👏😊

Absolutely love this supplement .great for a fab night sleep 💞💞

I’ve just taken my first one and I went off to sleep straight away. A bit groggy for 10 mins, and then I felt great. Very good

Bought a ten pack last week, and found them really useful, so ordered another 90, and am really grateful for their benefits!

Highly recommend this supplement