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Not received

I have not received my lemon aid or my Zen 1looking forward to receiving them

Lemon-Aid 714 capsules - 500mg x60



Lemon Aid has has a dramatic positive effect on my Anxiety and Sleep Apnea

After sitting on the sidelines for a while I finally ordered my Lemon Aid. I'm glad I did. Firstly, I have had trouble sleeping and staying asleep for years. I have suffered severe anxiety induced by an over- active thyroid issue (Which is now normal apparently but I still suffer low level chronic anxiety) and in addition Sleep Apnea.

I would say Lemon Aid gave me a nice warm tired feeling after taking 2 before bed, so essentially prepping me for a better relaxing sleep and I noted a decrease in thoughts which would usually keep me awake. Lemon Aid was peace inducing and perfect to take before sleep while reading.

The next morning, I felt peaceful, ready for my day, no anxiety at all. I've been using Lemon Aid for roughly a month now and I've suffered no anxiety, it really does work. I've also used it for flying to calm my nerves which has worked wonders, I take 2 for that purpose as well. It doesn't make me sleep, just calms me.

The most surprising effect was that it appears to have stopped my Sleep Apnea. Which I really wasn't expecting. I used to wake up gasping for breath quite frequently during the night. Since taking Lemon Aid I haven't noticed this. No idea how it has helped, but I'm pretty much symptom free at the moment. Which is amazing.

I highly recommend Lemon Aid and I have now ordered the other products to try. I'm feeling pretty happy to have found Zenstra, you really won't be!

I quite like these :)

I would recommend people take with a bit of caution though, it might just be that I'm a lightweight but if I take two, I feel very wonky even for a lot of the following day! It's very enjoyable wonkiness, but if I had to get anything done or operate heavy machinery, I'm not sure about that 😉

Great product

Loving the products from zenstra. I'm using lemon aid and zen 1 and feeling more relaxed, sleeping well and my skin is so improved. Will definitely keep on using these. Customer service was great too. Well done


Got a nice, comfortable feeling surging through my body a couple of times after taking this

Lemon-Aid 714 capsules - 500mg x60

I've had way less anxiety doing the normal day to day things since starting this stuff and have noticed myself feeling less heavy, being more open - cracking little jokes a bit more at work, engaging in a bit more conversation naturally, things that recently havent been so easily performed and I usually find incredibly draining, have actually come out of my shell a bit with this product and a colleague actually commented today that I seem like I'm doing a lot better today and that my performance has improved at work and I realised yes I do feel a bit better and today has been easier.
I rate these product 10/10 for fast and effective relief.
Having another two Lemon-Aid before bed noticeably relaxes my brain in a way similar to having a valium and I'm asleep within an hour - something I dont usually achieve without valium, which I dont like to take due to dependance and substance abuse issues.
I am very pleased at the effectiveness of these products. Thank you


I have bouts of extreme crippling anxiety and depression and CPTSD, paired with aspergers, and
I've been in a really bad place for a while dissociating frequently and suffering frequent traumatic flashbacks, wallowing in grief, trapped with obsessive repetative thought loops replaying broken memories,
so I thought I'd give these a go, and I'm really So glad I found them, they're really helping me exist.


I do not take pharmaceutical antidepressants/antianxiety medications, I've had an extreme suicidal/homicidal type reaction from forced psychiatric drugging over depression.
I've taken these (Zen1 and LemonAid) for a few days and have Really noticed a difference in my mentality.
I've found within an hour or so of taking 2 of each, a "calm" kind of comes down and settles in. Like a nice feeling as though I've relaxed in a warm bath or at the beach.
I dont know how to describe this feeling that I usually have- but it as though there is always like the sensation of a wooden block or something sitting constantly in the centre of my brain, that makes me distant, distracted, irritable etc.
Zen1 and LemonAid seem to kinda relieve a bit of this "Block" pressure and the block gets lighter, easier to manage, my thoughts flow a bit better,
Zen1 &LemonAid seem to really settle my repetative thought-loops down quite a fair bit, and provide great relief.

I have pmdd,had for years and it's been horribel. Tried these this time and if its not just a coinsident, they work wonders! Got them last year, did'nt work when I was on my adhd-medicin, but now.. I will try again next time it creeps up on me to be sure :)


It really helps with sleep :)

Very good

I bought these to help me sleep at night as I find it very difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep. They work for me and I am extremely happy.

Very good

Keeps me calmer and helps when sleep

Love Lemon-aid

They work - not one sleepless night when taking 2, although we do manage not to take them every night. They also work for an anxiety crisis moment, taking one can stop a rising anxiety episode. These are wonderful. This is our third order.

Zen1 helped me get off prescription anti-depressants after 9 years

So of course I am happy about that - I have tried 3 times to get off anti-depressants but each time I went back as the feelings of anguish kept coming back. Zen1 has stopped that and I am now totally off the medication for 3 weeks with no side effects. I took 3 months to go off slowly - Zen1 every day, half dose of medication every day then every other day until I went off it totally and now just take 2 Zen1 every day...I hope Zen1 solve their stock issues as I don't want to be with out them at the moment. I aim to go to 1 Zen1 per day to maintain - but not yet!!

Better Sleep

Ive been taking these for about 2 weeks now and I do notice a marked difference in my sleep. I take 2 before bed and l sleep a lot better than I was for the last number of months. They make me feel tired and fall asleep quickly. Ill continue ordering as long as they work!


Yes i received them but unfortunately when i took my first 2, it was after alcohol and i had the most dreadful hang over i felt anxious as hell and very sick so i didnt take any till days later when i felt better but i just took one and my head got a tight feeling

Great supplement

Extraordinary results!!!

Pretty good all round

They do what they say.
It's pretty subtle in a good way.
You just have more energy to get stuff done and don't end up anxious or jittery like with too much caffeine.
There's also not a burn out ora crashlike with caffeine

Still trying this product

I think I love it…still trying to figure out if sleeping 5hours a night is good and feeling energetic during the day or is taking it during the day and having a really good nap in the afternoon is good ? Will keep you posted

Lemon-Aid 714 capsules - 500mg x60